The Results Are In

Field Trials and Results

Various field trials have been conducted, centered around comparing the emission levels of stock EPA emission-compliant truck engines to the same engines equipped with the oxygen plasma generator system.

In an exemplary trial, a Detroit Diesel DD15-powered Freightliner was outfitted with a Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) CA BAR 97-compliant emissions analyzer for 60 mph testing over a 5-mile loop. Technology and Maintenance Council protocols were followed during the entire evaluation.

An EPA-compliant analyzer was used: Model Autochek Smoke Tester, a portable emissions analyzer, meeting California BAR 97 specifications for CO, CO2, HC, O2, NOx, AFR.

Ten laps of baseline testing were performed at 60 mph on the loop. At the end of every second lap, a calibration “zero” was made of the sampling probe and hoses. On the tenth lap, the oxygen plasma generator system was turned on. There was a large decrease in NOx emissions, a remarkable event as depicted in the ‘five gas’ emissions analysis recorded to the right:

Exhaust Emission Comparison

The chart to the right shows exhaust emissions comparison of the runs with the Freightliner in its stock OEM configuration to the Freightliner equipped with the oxygen plasma generator. This chart to the left shows the effects of the grade of the highway on the NOx emissions and how the oxygen plasma generator system dramatically lowers NOx and CO2 emissions under high load engine conditions.

The chart to the right shows a comparison of the average exhaust emissions of the Freightliner during the entire test with and without the oxygen plasma generator operational. NOx is reduced from 242.8 ppm to 31.92 ppm and CO2 is reduced from 8.41% to 4.86%. Hydrocarbons (HC) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) are unchanged at ‘zero’ and oxygen is increased from 10.12% to 14.32%:

Engine Exhaust Opacity Impact

The final exhaust opacity results showed the Cold Plasma Fusion system reduced the engine exhaust opacity from 3.3% to 0.43%, a snap opacity reduction of 87%:

Any amount under 4% opacity snap tests is considered to be zero emissions on a Maxmillian-Ringelman scale using the formula:

Equivalent Units of No.1 Smoke / Number of Observations x 0.20 x 100 = Percentage Smoke Density

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