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Looking To The Stars And Water

The Most Abundant Form Of Matter

Plasmas are the most common form of matter, comprising more than 99% of the visible universe. Plasma is also found in neon lights, plasma displays, arc welding torches, and Tesla coils. Natural examples of plasma include lightning, the aurora, the ionosphere, St. Elmo’s fire, and electrical sparks.

“Hot Plasma”

Oxygen Plasma Generator

‘Hot’ plasma – those of plasma TV’s and fluorescent lights, etc. – involve ionized gas where the ions are NOT in equilibrium with the environment. ‘Cold’ plasma involves ions that HOLD THEIR ENERGY even when you turn off the power. Cold Plasma Fusion Technologies has developed a cold ‘oxygen plasma generator’, using distilled water, an electrolyte, and a ‘strong trauma’ element. The plasma stream is then directed with a venturi effect, into the intake turbo of a diesel engine. The result is that diesel emissions in field trials are dramatically reduced. Here is a picture of the electrolytic cell reactor that generates the cold plasma state of matter:

“Liquid in motion takes on an electrical charge”

- C.H. Jonson Inventor of the Oxygen Plasma Generator

The Inexhaustible Power Of Water

Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958), a polymath and Forester, discovered how to develop a low-pressure zone at the atomic level. This had happened in seconds when one of his laboratory devices whirled air or water “radially and axially” at a falling temperature. He referred to the resulting force as “diamagnetic levitation power”. He emphasized that nature uses indirect—what Schauberger called reactionary—suction force. Every force—material or immaterial—produces an equally strong counter-force. Exactly as a tornado pulls the masses of air outside of it downward, before sucking them upwards again on the inside. Naturally flowing (whirling) water also produces energy that flows in the opposite direction to the water, upwards instead of downwards. This flow of energy is also, for example, visible inside a waterfall as a ray of light within the water. This natural phenomena becomes one of the factors leading to the novel method developed and patented by the team at Cold Plasma Fusion Technologies and is the basis for how its cold plasma generatoris so effective in reducing diesel engine emissions.

“The secret of water is the capital of Capital – which is why any attempt to reveal it is ruthlessly terminated in embryo.”

- Viktor Schauberger

The PlazFuXion Reactor

successfully eliminates the consequential barriers associated with the use of diesel fuel and the aftermath that pollution leaves in its wake. Diesel can now be used as a rich, clean, and environmentally safe power source with drastic improvements to its fuel economy and efficiency.

The fuel savings created alone will provide a return of its investment within six months. The bewildering transformation and net zero emissions, ease of device installation, along with staggering optimization and augmentation to the popular features and preferred advantages of diesel, mean that the PlazFuXion Reactor will be the select, essential, and a highly sought-after clean power source throughout countless sectors worldwide.

PlazFuXion Reactor is an essential clean air device for our environment and offers a Global Solution to Pollution. While it CLEANS; eliminating toxic pollutants, it simultaneously optimizes performance of every desirable feature and important functions of the Diesel engine.

It transforms the use of diesel into an abundant COLD PLASMA SOURCE of CLEAN ENERGY, with successful demonstrated outcomes; the achievement of an astonishing net-mass zero emissions.

Key Advantage: Net Zero Emissions and The Only Existing Patent for Cold Plasma Fuel (other advantages to follow)

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