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Revisiting the High Cost of Operating Scenario

To showcase the cost savings impacts of utilizing Cold Plasma Fusion’s groundbreaking technology, we’ve developed the following scenario based upon average cost values an owner/operator will experience. The typical operator costs are high. Consider the following values:

Owner/Operator | Over-the-Road Trucker (Long Haul)

  • Annual Mileage: 120,000 miles
  • 7 Miles/Gallon
  • 17,142 Gallons/Year
  • 1,429 Gallons/Month

Diesel Cost: ~$3.53/Gallon x 1,429 Gallons = $5,044.00/Month or $60,432.00/Year

Additional Costs: (Exhaust Filter Maintenance & Replacements Cost) $8,500.00

Annual Operational Cost: $68,932.00

Add in Cold Plasma Fusion Technology

With a 25% improvement in fuel consumption on using the oxygen plasma generator:

Owner/Operator | Over-the-Road Trucker (Long Haul)

  • 1,429 Gallons/Month X $3.53/Gallon X 25% = $1,263.95/Month Savings
  • Filter Cleaning (Done 2X Only)
  • Less Filter Replacements
  • Minimize Down Time = Monthly Savings: ~$708.00 Diesel
  • Engine runs cooler, cleaner, oil lasts longer, cleaner exhaust, engine lives longer

Operational Cost Savings: ($708.00 + $1,263.95) = $1,971.95/Month

Annual Cost Savings: $23,663.00

Detailed Specs

The foregoing test results are one set of results among others, all of which confirm the same reduction ranges in the five gas and opacity tests.

A conceptual ‘pays for itself’ metric within months of use, not years. It is also easily retrofitted on existing diesel engine truck platforms and easily maintained during use. The system requires a cup of an electrolyter every 500 miles of logged travel.

Reductions in Greenhouse Gases…a boon to government and industrial protocols.

When calculated across adjacent diesel markets — Automotive and non-Automotive, Marine, Power Equipment, End-User markets, and across Global Geographies.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) vs.

Oxygen Plasma Generator

Diesel Exhaust Fluid, (DEF) is the trucking industry’s response to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards requiring all medium and heavy-duty diesel vehicles to significantly reduce engine emissions.

This is an EXPENSIVE operating cost. The Oxygen Plasma Generator…

Key Takeaway

The system, when combined with a DPF, Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOC), and SCR on a 2013 model Freightliner truck, lowered emissions well beyond current standards. These emissions results demonstrate the technology’s ability to work in conjunction with existing OEM exhaust after treatment technologies, to further reduce exhaust emissions, with no negative impact on engine performance.

The on-road highway emission tests show that Cold Plasma Fusion’s oxygen plasma generator system significantly reduces NOx, CO2, and Opacity (PM) emissions.


Burns Fuel Completely

Dirty Exhaust is Eliminated

Opacity Measures Near Zero

Low cost | Minimum Maintenance

Uses about 1 cup water per 500 miles travelled (16c/gal)

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